Yard Force EM N37B 1600W Electric Lawnmower


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Achieve a pristine lawn effortlessly with the Yard Force EM N37B 1600W Electric Lawnmower. Powered by a robust brushed motor, this corded lawnmower delivers ample power to tackle any lawn, ensuring a flawless finish every time. The Cut to the Edge design, enhanced by front and side combs, guides grass towards the 37cm steel blade, maximizing cutting efficiency right up to the edge of your lawn. With the Push & Adjust central cutting height adjustment system, you can easily customize your cutting height with seven different settings ranging from 25mm to 75mm, allowing for versatility and control. Equipped with a generous 40L grass bag with a full-level indicator, grass collection is convenient and efficient, ensuring uninterrupted mowing sessions. This lawnmower also comes with a mulching plug, allowing for all the nutrients in the grass clipping to be returned to the lawn without the need for a grass bag. Plus, enjoy the classic striped finish with the integrated rear roller, adding a touch of elegance to your lawn. Elevate your lawn care routine with the Yard Force EM N37B electric lawnmower and enjoy professional-quality results with ease. Features: Powerful motor: This corded lawnmower is equipped with a powerful 1600W brushed motor, providing enough power to tackle any lawn, anytime Cut to the Edge : the front and side combs will help brushing the grass towards the 37cm steel blade to maximise the cutting efficiency, all the way to the edge of your lawn Push & Adjust: the intuitive central cutting height adjustment system has 7 different settings to adjust your cutting height from 25-75mm Collect or Mulch: Delivered with a 40L grass bag as well as a mulching plug, you are in control of the way you mow Striped Finish: the integrated rear roller will provide you with the quintessentially British striped finish Specifications: Dimensions: H:104.0 x W:128.0 x D:43.0 cm Colour: Orange Guarantee:2 Years Material: Plastic Model Number: EM N37B-UK Self Assembly Required: Yes

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