Your Chance To View And Buy Some Of The Great Plants That Would Have Featured In The RHS Chelsea Plant Of The Year 2020

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Many of us take great inspiration from the RHS Flower Shows, and perhaps from Chelsea more than any.  Unfortunately like many events the RHS Chelsea Flower Show had to be cancelled in 2020 due to lockdown.  However all is not lost. The RHS website is hosting a virtual flower show and we are able to bring you a chance to view and buy a selection of the new plants that would have been featured in the Chelsea Plant Of The Year 2020, so hopefully the inspiration continues.

Fuchsia ‘Skyrocket’ (Hardy)

Thompson & Morgan say:-

Hot on the heels of the stunning climbing Fuchsia ‘Lady Boothby’, here is one of her offspring! Straight from T&M’s own breeding lines, Fuchsia ‘Skyrocket’ boasts the same long stems that can be tied to a support or frame to create a sensational focal point. This free-flowering variety produces bicolour red and white blooms, which open from dangling pink buds. Flowers are borne along the length of the stem, and not just at the stem tips, ensuring a long lasting display. A strong branching habit, and vigorous upright growth makes it easy to train onto trellis, obelisks and tripods, to produce a neat, space saving column of colour. Perfect for patio pots or planting into sheltered borders in sun or semi-shade. Height: 150cm (59″). Spread: 90cm (36″).

To view Fuchsia Skyrocket at Thompson & Morgan click here

Sollya heterophylla ‘Ultra Blue’

Thompson & Morgan say:-

This new variety of Bluebell Creeper produces an abundance of dark azure blue flowers, far more vivid than the parent species. Sollya heterophylla ‘Ultra Blue’ has a better branching habit too, creating a denser appearance with more blooms. The nodding flowers are borne throughout the summer against a backdrop of slender, evergreen foliage.

This half hardy climber makes an eye-catching patio climber. Train it onto an obelisk or trellis to support its twining stems. In the very mildest parts of the UK it can be planted in a sheltered spot outdoors, but it is best grown in a container which can be moved to a warm, frost free location in winter. Alternatively grow this Bluebell Creeper as a magnificent conservatory specimen! Height: 2m (6′, 6″). Spread: 60cm (24″).

To view Sollya heterophylla ‘Ultra Blue’ at Thompson & Morgan click here

Rudbeckia ‘Enchanted Collection’


Thompson & Morgan say:-

Be one of the first gardeners to grow these exclusive Coneflowers, fresh from T&M’s own breeding programme. Rudbeckia ‘Enchanted Collection’ is a beguiling mix of semi-double Rudbeckias in four gorgeous colours. Vigorous, bushy plants produce a multitude of blooms that gradually deepen in colour as they age. The result is a multi-tonal tapestry of colour that will provide long lasting interest throughout the summer. The blooms are always busy with pollinating insects, making this a great choice for a wildlife garden. Grow them in patio pots, or plant them en masse in beds and borders. Whatever your planting style, these reliable annuals will fit in perfectly!Height: 50cm (20″). Spread: 45cm (18″).

To view Rudbeckia ‘Enchanted Collection’ at Thompson & Morgan click here

Agapanthus ‘Poppin’ Purple’


Thompson & Morgan say:-

This alluring evergreen perennial produces an elegant display of dark, purple-black buds that open to reveal starry, violet blooms. The domed flower heads perch neatly upon stiff, upright stems above the slender, arching foliage. Agapanthus ‘Poppin’ Purple’ is long lasting and repeat blooming, for an extended flowering period.This exciting new variety is quick growing compared to other varieties. With a neat, compact habit it makes a superb border perennial or patio plant. Height: 60cm (24″). Spread: 45cm (18″).

To view Agapanthus ‘Poppin’ Purple’ at Thompson & Morgan click here

Sedum ‘Sunsparkler Wildfire’

Thompson & Morgan say:-

This American bred Sedum is a real dazzler! Glowing ruby-red leaves are edged with brilliant pink margins. The succulent foliage covers its spreading stems, to form a dense, low cushion of vibrant colour. Throughout summer, intense pink flowers attract bees and other pollinators. Sedum ‘Sunsparkler Wildfire’ is quick growing with a well-branched habit. Like all Stonecrops, it thrives in dry conditions and shows excellent drought tolerance. A fabulous choice for adding a bright splash of colour to the rockery, or planting into troughs and containers. Height: 15cm (6″). Spread: 45cm (18″).

To view Sedum ‘Sunsparkler Wildfire’ at Thompson & Morgan click here

Verbena bonariensis ‘Royal Dreams’

Thompson & Morgan say:-

From T&M’s own breeding, this dwarf variety has all the character of its larger parents but only reaches half the size! Verbena bonariensis ‘Royal Dreams’ produces luminescent, mauve-pink blooms in tight, rounded clusters. The flowers are borne throughout summer, lasting well into autumn. This compact hardy perennial makes a fabulous addition to mixed containers and the front of borders, thriving in sun or light shade. It makes a superb choice for a wildlife area where it is a magnet for pollinating insects. Height and spread: 60cm (24”).

To view Verbena bonariensis ‘Royal Dreams’ at Thompson & Morgan click here

Buddleja ‘Butterfly Gold’

Thompson & Morgan say:-

This sensational new variety is a real head turner! The bright yellow and green variegated foliage gives Buddleja ‘Butterfly Gold’ real star quality, even before its blooms appear. Throughout summer this elegant Butterfly Bush bears mauve purple flower spikes which are irresistible to bees and butterflies. With a dense, compact habit, this deciduous shrub is perfect for mixed borders, where it stands out beautifully against green-leaved planting companions. A particularly fine choice for cottage garden planting schemes and wildlife gardens. Height: 2m (6′). Spread: 1.5m (5′).

To view Buddleja ‘Butterfly Gold’ at Thompson & Morgan click here

Limonium – Dazzle Rocks


Suttons say:-

A world exclusive product of ours. Be one of the first people ever to own this plant!

A breeding breakthrough! This plant is the World’s first ultra-hardy Limonium Gmelinii!

With an abundance of purple flowers, this plant will brighten up your flower beds & borders.

Brighten up your house by placing these flowers in a vase! They look great as cut flowers.

Loved by pollinators too, keep your eye on this plant as it’ll soon be a hive of activity.

To view Limonium – Dazzle Rocks at Suttons click here

Jacaranda – Bonsai blue


Suttons say:-

A European exclusive product of ours. Be one of the first in Europe to own this plant!

The Bonsai Blue isn’t just beautiful it has a great story too!

This exotic looking dwarf plant will look amazing in any patio display.

Stunning purple flowers contrasted with green foliage, this plant will look great in any garden!

The Bonsai Blue will certainly brighten up any flower beds & borders around your garden.

To view Jacaranda – Bonsai blue at Suttons click here

I hope some of you will enjoy the latest, greatest breeding in new plants.

Mark Snelling

All images copyright Thompson & Morgan or Suttons

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