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Ten Great Reasons To Use Mixed Native Hedging In Our Gardens - When we visit the nursery or garden centre, be it locally or online, there is such a bewildering array of plants that can be used as hedging, and sometimes the advice for which to choose for one reason or another is not available. Below I have listed some of the reasons you may wish to use mixed native hedging in your garden. Dog Rose An amazing haven for our wildlife… [...]

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Ten Top Plants For Coastal Areas - If your garden is very close to the sea, the salt-laden winds can cause devastation to a garden.  Therefore I would not recommend planting anything until at least one or two lines of defence have been provided.  These can be walls or fences, but in my opinion it is better to use trees or shrubs to give a wind filtering hedge or two. It is best to stagger two rows… [...]

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Sarah Raven’s Christmas Flowers, Wreaths and Decorations Demonstrations 2019 -   Here at we are great fans of the renowned TV presenter and garden and food writer Sarah Raven, and advocates of her work.  Here we want to bring you the opportunity to be able to attend her Christmas demonstrations to bring a touch of pizazz to your festive displays. Sarah says:- "Come and have a lovely relaxing time where I'll demonstrate lots of ideas for Christmas decorating. Drawing inspiration… [...]

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Ten Top Plants For Dry Shade - Many of our gardens have that difficult spot where seemingly nothing will grow. One of the most awkward spots can be dry shade. Perhaps you have an area under deciduous trees where there is shade and the tree roots take up most of the water. Perhaps you have an area next to a wall where water is absorbed by the foundations. You may have an area under the eaves of… [...]

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Mini Fruit Trees – An Orchard On Your Patio - It is a great treat for us gardeners and allotment holders to have fresh, healthy and delicious fruit at our finger tips, but increasingly the majority of us do not have an acre or two to turn over to an orchard! Most of us however do have room on our patios for growing dwarf trees in containers. Below I have listed some of the benefits of these trees:- Because these… [...]

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