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Plantaholic’s Choice – Top Dogwoods - Cornus or Dogwoods are very presentable in the spring and summer months.  They have flowers around May and June and some have variegated leaves, but it is in the autumn and winter that these wonderful plants come in to their own. In autumn the foliage turns fiery colours and when the leaves fall to the ground their naked stems glisten spectacurlarly in the winter light. The colourful stems come in… [...]

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Plantaholic’s Choice – Zygopetalum ‘Trozy Blue’ - Zygopetalum Trozy Blue is a stunning, tender orchid which is more suited to the enthusiast rather than the amateur as it is not quite as easy to care for as the more readily available Phalaenopsis orchids, but definitely worth a try if you are a little more experienced. Originally Zygopetalums are native to Brazil, the Guianas, Venezuela and Columbia, hence they require a temperature of around 15-24C or 59-75F. They… [...]

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Plantaholic’s Choice – Helleborus Niger Christmas Carol - Many of us will be familiar with Helleborus Niger, the Christmas Rose.  It's English name however is a bit of a myth as it is rarely in flower before late winter in our gardens. Helleborus Niger Christmas Carol however can be in flower from Christmas through to mid spring. This evergreen, hardy perennial will provide a wonderful display in our gardens year after year. It's white blooms shine in the… [...]

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Plantaholic’s Choice – BloomChampion Reblooming Evergreen Azaleas - Rhododendron BloomChampion are the latest breeding in evergreen Azaleas. They not only produce blooms at the normal time for an Azalea to flower in April-May, they also rebloom in July-September.  This means they can provide a huge flowering period of up to five months, as well as having evergreen foliage for the remainder of the year! With a compact height and spread of around 1 metre or just over 3… [...]

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Five Top Houseplants For Bathrooms - Houseplants can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.  Whether you prefer a single specimen plant, or like to escape your trials and tribulations in a steamy jungle, there is a wide range of plants for you to use.  Many varieties will adore the moist atmosphere that a bathroom provides. Also the often frosted glass of a bathroom window will prevent harsh direct sunlight from burning their vulnerable leaves,… [...]

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