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Rose ‘Sweet Honey’ – Rose Of The Year 2020 - Rose Sweet Honey has been named as Rose of the Year 2020. It was launched at the 2019 RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival In the Festival of Roses display by Roses UK on behalf of Kordes Rosen of Germany. This elegant floribunda variety was chosen for it's many qualities including:- Outstanding disease resistance Strong, bushy, upright growth habit Glossy dark green foliage Moderate fruity fragrance Repeat flowering Rose Sweet… [...]

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The Fight For The English Bluebell - Beware, the English Bluebell is under threat from Spanish invaders!  The quintessential English bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta) that we all see and love in our woodlands is in danger due to people inadvertently planting Spanish Bluebells (Hyacinthoides hispanica). The English Bluebells are now being overtaken by the more vigorous Spanish Bluebell and hybridising with them.  There are three ways to tell the difference between the two plants as listed below:- English… [...]

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Cutting Edge Gardening With Smart Technology - Gardening has always been a traditional pastime with methods handed down through generations.  However maybe for some it is time to break the mould and step into the 21st century with the latest smart technology available to us.  The smart technology we talk about here is not going against the important knowledge that our predecessors learnt and passed down to us, but merely an easier and more modern method of… [...]

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Plant Profile – Jacobinia Pauciflora (Brazilian Fuchsia) - This beautiful, exotic plant is sometimes also known as Justicia rizzinii or Justicia floribunda. Despite it's common name it is not a Fuchsia at all but does originally hail from Brazil.  It bears it's scarlet and yellow tropical, pendulous blooms non stop throughout the winter and spring months when most other plants are at their worst. Ideally this plant should be grown in a pot so it can be moved… [...]

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