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There are a multitude of planting options for a container in a sunny spot.  But what if you have an area in the garden which is shaded?  Perhaps it only gets a few hours of sun in the day.  Well all is not lost.  There are a number of options.  Below are six flowering plants for a summer  container which will thrive in light shade.



The “dancing fairy” blooms of the Fuchsia will brighten the dullest corner of any garden.  They are available in both bush and trailing varieties and will continue to flower late into the season when many other plants have become tired.


tub beg


Both the tuberous Begonias with their large, double blooms and the more diminutive bedding Begonias suit light shade even perhaps better than a sunny place.  Their dazzling colours help to light up a gloomy position.

Impatiens (Bizzie Lizzies)


The Impatiens that were so immensely popular for so long have been all but lost in recent years to a fungal disease called downy mildew.  However the more vigorous New Guinea Impatiens have taken their place due to their disease resistance.  These larger plants mean fewer are needed to fill a container.  They will flower in abundance right up to the first frosts  and are available in a substantial array of colours.  They are equally at home in light shade as they are in sun.



Both the bush and the trailing varieties of this beautiful plant are well suited to a lightly shaded area.  They are best known for the blue flowered varieties, but are also available in a mixture of colours including white and red.  They can cease to flower in prolonged periods of hot weather so they will welcome a little bit of shadow.



The smiling faces of the Violas have become a more common site in winter containers than our summer pots and baskets.  However they are very happy in a summer container in a degree of shade.  Deadhead them regularly to ensure a continual supply of colour throughout the season.



The tobacco plant will grace a dull corner with its brightly coloured blooms for a long period.  Choose the shorter bedding varieties for a container.  They come in a variety of shades including pink, red, white and the more unusual lime green.

And so a shaded area, rather than being  a curse, can be little more challenging than the brightest patio.

Mark Snelling

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