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What more thoughtful gift could you think of to give than a beautiful rose that you can personalise with a name to celebrate the occasion of your choice? Perhaps you know someone who has a special birthday coming up.  Maybe you want to give a rose to someone who has experienced a berievement, to commemorate their loved one. You may know a couple who have a special anniversary.  Perhaps you would like a rose named after a specific organisation that is dear to you.  You may even desire to have roses named after yourself or family members.

World of Roses offer you all these opportunities to personalise the rose of your choice.  You can even choose the colour of the rose that you wish to personalise.  Imagine the joy that such a gesture could bring.

The Rose Naming Package includes: –

  • Hand Gift Wrapped Rose
  • Personalised Printed Colour Picture Label – the label shows a picture of the Rose and the Name you have selected
  • Gift Card – allowing you to add a personal message upon checkout  to send with the Rose.

Perhaps every gardening lover has dreamed of purchasing or receiving one of these beautiful roses that will live on through their life and maybe beyond.


To view more details and choose a rose at World of Roses click here

Mark Snelling

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