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When I first saw this delightful new breeding in Pot Carnations I just knew I had to recommend them to my readers.  They are absolutely invaluable in our gardens.  Below I list 10 of the reasons why.

  1. Deliciously scented blooms just like carnations of times gone by.
  2. Larger double blooms than other Pot Carnations
  3. Slow growing and compact, so suitable for containers as well as borders.
  4. Blooms until the first frosts from spring until late autumn.
  5. Fully hardy in U.K. Gardens
  6. Well branched so more blooms.
  7. Heat and drought tolerant. Perfect for a sunny spot.
  8. Evergreen leaves.
  9. Also suitable as a temporary houseplant.
  10. Easy to grow.

The gorgeous varieties pictured at the top  of the article are:-

Adorable Mel (Orange)
Adorable Tess (Purple)
Adorable Orphinka (bicolour pink/cerise)
Adorable Moonstone (white)

To view these varieties as a collection at YouGarden click here

Deadheading will ensure  a long and constant stream of new flowers.

Mark Snelling

All images copyright YouGarden

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