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When the autumn and winter begin to set in, many of us gardeners retreat inside to tend our houseplants.  One of the favourites for Christmas and the new year  is of course the Amaryllis, more correctly know as Hippeastrums.  I have written before about how to care for these statuesque flower bulbs, and I will include a link to this article at the bottom of the page. However I was astounded by these magnificent, giant double varieties I found at Dutch Grown and wanted to share them with my readers so that some of you can grow these beauties this year and outdo all the neighbours! Below are some of these wonderful new varieties.

Jumbo Double Amaryllis Double Dream

Jumbo Double Amaryllis Double Dream is an enormous firework display of star-shaped petals in deep pink with white tips and accents. This huge double amaryllis looks similar to a water lily and each sturdy stem bears several of these stunning blooms. A head-turning addition to your Christmas and New Year décor, Jumbo Double Amaryllis Double Dream will add colour and cheer to even the gloomiest of grey Winter days.

Jumbo Double Amaryllis Nymph

The exclusive Jumbo Double Amaryllis Nymph is a fabulously glamorous double amaryllis featuring enormous double flowers with white petals and apricot flames. Wonderful as a gift, or a perfect centrepiece for your Christmas and New Year décor, order your Amaryllis Nymph bulbs from DutchGrown™ today by following the link below.

Jumbo Double Amaryllis Dancing Queen

The incredible Jumbo Double Amaryllis Dancing Queen is a show-stopping amaryllis boasting extra-large frilly double flowers featuring red and white striped petals. This blooming bombshell is one of the most popular double varieties, providing some over-the-top glamour during the greyer months of the year.

Jumbo Double Amaryllis Red Nymph

Jumbo Double Amaryllis Red Nymph is another exclusive amaryllis bulb available through DutchGrown™ by following the link below. This voluptuous bombshell features giant, double, cherry-red flowers and makes a wonderful gift, or an attention-grabbing centrepiece for your Christmas and New Year décor.

Jumbo Double Amaryllis White Nymph

The incredible Amaryllis White Nymph features huge, peony-shaped, pure white blooms that span an impressive 20-25 cm across. Each stem bears 3 to 4 of these stunning flowers, all characterised by a multitude of frilly petals that surround a bright green throat.

Incredibly easy to grow, this Winter wonder will provide weeks and weeks of indoor bloom. Amaryllis White Nymph is a truly outstanding double amaryllis that makes a dazzling Christmas centrepiece or a wonderful gift.

To view these bulbs at Dutch Grown click here

To read my article on caring for Amaryllis click here

Mark Snelling

All images and descriptions copyright Dutch Grown

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