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Some of you who are beginners in gardening may have thought that any rhubarb you buy is just the same old variety. This could not be further from the truth. The breeders have been hard at work creating this brand new, superior variety for us to grow in our gardens and allotments. The features of this lovely new plant are as follows:-

  1. Rhubarb Apple Delight has been specially selected for it’s sweet fruity flavour that is an improvement on traditional varieties.
  2. This variety is what is known as day neutral. This means it is not so affected by the length of the days and nights, and so will heavily crop from spring through to autumn, unlike traditional varieties.
  3. An easy to grow variety that is particularly adapted to thrive in our UK weather conditions.
  4. This variety has excellent disease resistance.
  5. It is a self fertile variety

For best results it is often recommended that you do not pick rhubarb in the first season after planting so that the plant is allowed to establish. It can be picked in year two, but leave a few stems remaining so that the goodness is allowed to get back into the plant and strengthen it.

Plants should be spaced 90-100cm (36-40in) apart. Plant in sun or partial shade, on moist but well drained, humus rich soil. Water well until established and mulch in autumn with well rotted organic material. Flowering spikes should be removed as they appear. Enjoy cooking with and eating this smashing new rhubarb.

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Mark Snelling

Warning: Only eat the stems as the leaves are toxic

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