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The delectable, raspberry-red blooms of rose ‘Little Sid’ will bring decades of delight in the garden. The fact that this gorgeous rose is a patio variety denotes that it can successfully be enjoyed both in containers or in the front or middle of the border.

The light red blooms, more deeply coloured in the centre, will thrill from spring through to the first frosts, making this beautiful plant a valuable addition to the garden, and one which earns it’s place when competing with the vast array of plants on sale.

The flowers are borne in clusters, making each stem a bouquet in itself. The short, bushy growth habit is an excellent atribute for our often smaller plots, and the foliage is dark and glossy, contrasting well with the blooms. The flowers are also deeply attractive to our all important pollinators.

As if these fine properties were not reason enough to purchase one of these delightful plants, for every rose sold, Harkness Roses are proud to donate £5 to support the outstanding work of Ambitious about Autism (registered charity no. 1063184.) This is a national charity that runs specialist schools and colleges for autistic children and young people in London and the South East of England. Therefore whilst this plant is providing so much enjoyment for us, we can be funding important help for others.

This rose’s namesake ‘Little Sid’ is in fact the son of well known television presenter Gregg Wallace and his wife Anna.  Sid Wallace is a young boy who is autistic and non-speaking. Gregg Wallace says of his experience as a father:-

“Raising an autistic child has many challenges but also great joys, as other families with lived experience will know. Anna and I are very proud of our wonderful son Sid and this rose is a celebration of him and all autistic young people”.

If you would like to own one of these stunning plants and in turn aid this truly deserving charity use the link below.

To view this rose at Harkness Roses click here

Mark Snelling

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