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I can think of so many reasons why we should all be growing this stunning new Rose Timeless Purple. Below I have listed just a few:-

  1. A perfect cut-flower rose that can be grown by the amateur at home in our gardens.
  2. This Hybrid Tea rose bears old-fashioned style, multi-petalled, deep purple blooms that have seen such a resurgence in popularity.
  3. Highly perfumed flowers.
  4. Long vase life
  5. Easy to grow, robust and hardy
  6. Winner of Best in Show at the prestigious Horticultural Trades Association National Plant Show proving it to be particularly worthy of a place in our gardens.
  7. Due to it’s compact nature it is very suitable for growing in our patio containers, as well as beds and borders.
  8. Resistant to many diseases that can be suffered by roses.

If you would like to be one of the first to grow this gorgeous new rose in your garden, below is an opportunity to do so.

To view Rose Timeless Purple at YouGarden click here

Mark Snelling

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