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If you struggle with planting up your own hanging baskets, then struggle no more as there is a quick and easy way to  do it thanks to Easy Fill Hanging Baskets. There is no need to line the Easy Fill baskets and they come with a built in reservoir for less watering.  The baskets can be planted in minutes and can be used time and time again for many years to come.  They are made in the UK from strong UV resistant plastic.  They come complete with lattice gates for each of the planting holes. The beauty of the Easy Fill baskets is they can be planted with larger, more established plants without damaging them by pushing them through tiny holes. They are available in various sizes and designs to suit most gardens. Use a quality compost and you may wish to add water retaining granules and slow release fertiliser pellets.

Below are some steps to successfully plant your Easy Fill baskets:-

  1. Place a medium sized plant pot on your potting table and put the Easy Fill basket on top of the pot so you can support the basket and turn it to get to all the planting holes without damaging any plants.
  2.  Put a small amount of compost into the basket up to the level of the bottom of the lowest planting holes.
  3. Remove your plant from it’s pot or cell and feed it through the first planting hole from the outside, roots first so the roots rest on the compost.
  4. Take one of the lattice gates that came with your baskets and place the gate over the planting hole, being careful not to trap any leaves, then click it into place. This will hold the plant with it’s roots on the inside and its leaves on the outside unharmed.
  5. Repeat this process for all of the planting holes, adding compost as you go. Once all holes are planted, put some plants in the top of the basket and fill around the roots with compost.
  6. Affix the chain provided by feeding each chain through a hole in the rim of the basket and clicking the anchor in place.
  7. Water in your baskets, and as they need it through the season. Then simply relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

This way, using established plants, you can create a full looking hanging basket without having to wait for long for the plants to grow.

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Mark Snelling

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