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Many people do not have the knowledge or confidence to be able to carry out planting design for their own borders.  They may not know which plants grow well in the site available, for instance do they grow well in sun, shade, clay soils, seaside locations etc.

They may not know when each of their plants is going to be in flower.  A lot of people will visit the garden centre in spring or summer and simply purchase a trolley full of plants that are all looking spectacular at the time when they buy them, and in a months time none of their purchases may still be in flower, and forever more you have a border that looks great for one month of the year and decidedly drab for the rest of the year.

Also beginners are often unaware of how to create a particular effect for the garden, such as which plants to use for a jungle style garden, a cool and calming border or a formal border.

These are skills which a gardener picks up over time.  You can spend years trying plants in various positions before you find the correct spot.  That is if you haven’t lost the plant because it has had the incorrect conditions.

This may all sound rather depressing, but fear not.  Crocus may just have come up with the answer! The clever designers at Crocus have provided cleverly curated border designs for just about every concievable position, situation, effect and season.  Little previous knowledge is required to follow the simple planting design they provide.

Crocus will even provide some simple care instructions for the plants.  They even supply you with the plants required at a reasonable price and tell you whether they need a sunny spot or shade etc.  They give you the suggested dimensions of the border so you can see roughly how far apart to plant the plants based on their eventual spread.

Therefore even the completely uninitiated in the gardening field can produce borders that otherwise would have taken many years of experience to design.  You can wow the neighbours with your very own mini kew gardens without years of study or frustration and, if you wish, tell them it is all your own work!

Crocus have designed borders to suit most styles, aspects, colour palettes and conditions and can supply the appropriate plants to plant your dream border in a flash.

To view a large selection of border designs at Crocus click here

Mark Snelling

All images copyright Crocus

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