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The RocketGro range really seem to me to be truly reliable composts, feeds and mulches to meet the principles of the modern age.  Each product in the range are 100% Vegan friendly, animal and child safe, 100% peat free and natural and Soil Association Organic Certified for Organic Growers. The products are made from natural plant waste material from the biogas industry, a renewable source.  They are manufactured in Somerset from composted grass, maize, and rye. What more could we ask for?

Why Peat Free?

The peat bogs are a vitally important habitat for wildlife. But perhaps most importantly the peat bogs are absorbing vast amounts of the carbon that we produce, and as I am sure you have are aware, this is important to the survival of our planet. Therefore I strongly advise all gardeners to use these carefully crafted, peat free and organic garden products.  Some gardeners have been reluctant to experiment with them, fearing poor results, but experience has led to new, garden friendly and reliable products.

The Range

Products in the RocketGro range currently include:-

RocketGro Peat-Free Magic Mulch

  • Use all year to suppress weeds, slowly feed plants naturally, and protect roots from frosts.
  • Reduces water losses from the soil, saving you time, and using much less water too.

RocketGro Peat-Free Soil Improver

  • Dig into poor heavy clay or chalky soils, to improve soil structure, soil fertility and microbial activity, all of which stimulate better root growth.

RocketGro Peat-Free Luscious Lawn Feed

  • Better than peat as it feeds, adds microbes, and supports fabulous root growth for your lawn to withstand dry and wet periods.

RocketGro Peat-Free GardenGold Seed & Cutting Compost

  • Naturally slowly feeds your plants for 3 Months, and finer screened to balance water retention and drainage specifically for seedlings and starter plants.

RocketGro Peat-Free BlackGold Multi-Purpose Compost

  • Use for all pots larger than 10cm (4′), window boxes, planters and tubs and hanging baskets, for all plants other than seedlings and acid loving ericaceous plants.
  • Naturally slowly feeds your plants for 3 Months and screened to balance water retention and drainage.

RocketGro Peat-Free Fruit & Vegetable Compost

  • Use for all larger fruit, vegetable, and tomato plants, other than acid loving blueberries, in pots, tubs, troughs and planters, but not for sowing seeds.

RocketGro Peat-Free XL Tomato Grow Bag

  • Use for growing tomatoes, cucumbers, chillies, herbs, and salads on your patio – no container needed.

RocketGro Peat-Free Ericaceous Compost

  • Use for all acid loving ericaceous plants such as rhododendrons, heathers, camellia, blueberries, azaleas.

Twin packs of each product are available for the heavier user.  There is (at the time of writing) no delivery charge for RocketGro products.

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Mark Snelling

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