Bosch UniversalAquatak 36V-100 Cordless High Pressure Washer


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Product Highlights Tackle dirt and grime on a variety of surfaces at home or away with the portable and powerful UniversalAquatak 36V-100. This cordless, high-pressure washer delivers a top cleaning performance while providing high flexibility. It has a trio nozzle with different spray patterns and two different pressure modes, high and ECO, for cleaning tougher dirt from surfaces like patios and driveways and lighter dirt from delicate surfaces like children’s toys or garden furniture.
The uniquely engineered, optimised hydraulic system offers high-pressure washer performance but uses significantly less water, ideal for remote and limited water reservoirs. Easy to transport and with handy onboard storage for the high-pressure hose, gun, and detergent nozzle, this compact washer is quickly stowed away and set up.
The built-in Bosch Syneon Technology provides optimum power and maximum runtime. The tool belongs to the 36V POWER FOR ALL system. One battery can be used in…

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