EGO Power + LB5300E Cordless Leaf Blower (no battery / charger)

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The EGO 56V LB5300E cordless leaf blower is a light weightbut powerful hand held blower built for domestic gardens. This powerful leafblower can give you up to 225 minutes of running time (with 7.5Ah battery) atlow speed. plenty for the average sized garden to be blown clear of debris& leaf litter. Try to clear any leaves whilst they are dry as once wet andtrodden in. leaves are extremely difficult to then remove. The large diameterblowing tube gives maximum air flow & an extra attachment helps to divertthe air flow for a greater range.The EGO brushless motor is compact in design & produceslow vibrations. a longer run time & overall extended motor life.The EGO LB-5300E blower uses finger-tip controlled variablespeed and a Turbo Boost button which blows at 895m3/h. This is more powerfulthan many petrol powered leaf blowers.The EGO Power Plus LB5300E blower can be used with anybattery in the EGO Power + range.Please Note: Does Not Include a battery or chargerSpecificationsModel: EGO LB53…

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