Mitox 280BVX Premium Leaf Blower / Vac

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Hand held leaf blower and garden vacuum for gardeners who want power. quality and ease of use. Tried & tested by our staff we can attest to the ease of use. The Mitox 280 BVX is lightweight and the vibration felt in your arms & hands is negligible.Nobody wants the hassle of having to clear up garden debris including stray grass clippings and fallen leaves by hand. Using a lawn rake can take too much time and energy. Treat yourself to a gardening essential. the petrol garden vacuum. These lightweight petrol engine blowers & vacs are easy to use and maintain for even a novice.The Mitox 280BVX Premium leaf blower & garden vacuum is from garden machinery manufacturer Mitox who have been producing market leading domestic gardening equipment for years.FeaturesMitox Blower and Vacuum : The 280 BVX Premium can be used either as a dedicated leaf blower or switched to a garden vac with a quick release system. In vacuum mode the machine has a shredding function which can mulch debris down to a ra…

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