Garantia Thermo Star Compost Bin 600 Litres (Green)


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The 600L Thermo-Star compost bin is made from 100% recycled plastic as well as our patented Thermolene technology. This technology thermo-insulates the compost, speeding up the composting for you. Its easy for you to put together without the use of tools, with easy access to the compost through two large filling hatches. A cover lock is also provided so you can use it in the summer and winter.
Fast composting process, thanks to the Thermo walls and Ventilation slotsIt is possible to empty the compost from all sides of the Thermo-StarEasy to fill through the intergrated lid within the coverCompletely UV and weather resistant, providing a long service lifeReduce your household waste and make use of it with this Thermo-Star Compost bin For more information please call us on 01789 763 336.

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