Gardena COMBISYSTEM Shovel Rake 1.3m

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Part of the Gardena COMBISYSTEM range of interchangeable tool heads and handles, the Shovel Rake is a versatile 3-in-1 gardening tool designed for shovelling, raking and sifting. The tool head allows you to rake and scoop up grass and hedge clippings, leaves, litter, windfall for easy transport and disposal. You can use it as a garden sieve by lifting and sifting soil. You can also use it to remove leaves and other surface debris from ponds or swimming pools. The very practical combisystem connection means that you can easily combine the shovel rake with all the different handles of the combisystem family. Choose freely which length is most convenient for you and adapt the shovel rake to your wishes. Whether wooden, aluminium or telescopic handle – find the handle that best meets your requirements. Features & Benefits • Part of the Gardena COMBISYSTEM range • The tool head can be used with any COMBISYSTEM handle • The handle can be used with any COMBISYSTEM tool head • Versatile 3-in-1 gardening tool • Suitable for raking and gathering materials like leaves and grass clippings • Scoop and lift for easy transport and disposal • Sieve function allows you to filter soil • Suitable for removing leaves from ponds and pools • 25 Year warranty guarantees highest quality Contents • COMBISYSTEM Shovel Rake Head • COMBISYSTEM Handle

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