Gardena Smart Wireless Water Timer

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Used in conjunction with a Gardena Smart Gateway (not included) the Red Dot design award winning Gardena Smart Wireless Water Timer reliably controls the irrigation of your plants in everyday life and even when you are not at home. The tried and tested valve technology ensures a strong connection between the smart water control, the water connection and the connecting devices. Using the free Gardena smart app for iOS and Android devices, you always have your garden under control, no matter where you are. By tapping the screen, you can call up the important information required and adapt all settings for your garden work conveniently and according to requirements. Strong antennae guarantee the cable-free connection to the Gardena Smart Gateway even in large gardens, and therefore the reliable transmission of the measurement data to the Gardena smart app. Simply press a button on the Smart Water Control and you will recieve an overview of the signal strength, battery charge and active irrigation status via LEDs on the control panel. If water is required immediately, irrigation can be started by pressing the button again. The Smart Water Control has an integrated frost protection system. Thanks to an onboard temperature sensor, the timer transmits a warning alarm to the Gardena smart app when it starts to become too cold, enabling the user to pack it away in a frost protected area until the weather heats up again. Specifications • Energy supply: 3 x AA 1,5 V alkaline battery (LR6, not included) • Operating pressure Min: 0.5 bar • Operating pressure Max: 12 bar • Thread: 26.5mm (G3/3), 33,3 mm (G1) • Watering cycles per day: 6 • Watering duration: 0 h 1 min – 10 h 00 min • Watering frequency: up to 6 irrigations per day, choice of days Features & Benefits • Water timer for use with the Gardena Smart Gateway • Reliably controls irrigation of your garden • Wireless control and monitoring with the Gardena Smart app for Android and iOS devices • Control panel on the timer provides status update and enables irrigation to be started manually • Integrated temperature sensor transmits an alarm to the smart app when there is a danger of frost Contents • Smart Wireless Water Timer only • No Batteries (requires 3x AA) • No Smart Gateway

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