Hyundai HYC6220 20″ Petrol Chainsaw


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Very powerful 62cc Hyundai chainsaw suitable for the most demanding tasks. The HYC6220 saw is suitable for domestic and commercial use. The HYC6220 is fitted with a 20 inch bar and chain engineered by Hyundai for the most efficient tree and log cutting. The saw is fitted with a safety brake to reduce kick back, which means the chain stops instantly in the event of kick back. The chain tensioner is side mounted for easy access. Extra comfort is provided by the ergonomic handles with a built in anti-vibration system. The system reduces vibrations felt by the user in the hands and arms whilst operating the chainsaw. The chain is automatically lubricated from the chain oil tank so it’s kept in good order. If the chain isn’t kept lubricated it won’t cut properly or turn correctly around the bar.For such a large chainsaw the Hyundai HYC6220 is quite lightweight at only 7kg including the bar and chain. When it’s not being used it can be stored away in its own bag. The bag can also be used to transport the saw as it has sturdy carry handles.The powerful EURO 2 Hyundai 2-stroke engine is reliable and economical with lower emissions than previous engines. It uses an unleaded petrol and 2-stroke engine oil mix. Pre-mix the fuel before adding to the tank so the correct ratio of oil to petrol is calculated. Mixing the two fuels is essential for the engine as just using neat petrol will seize the engine and damage the chainsaw.Chainsaws also require chain oil to keep the chain lubricated. This is different to engine oil and goes in a completely separate tank on the saw.SpecificationsModel: C6220Engine: 62ccEngine Type: EURO 2 2-strokeFuel Capacity: 500mlFuel: Unleaded petrol and 2-stroke engine oil mixtureBar Length: 20 inchChain Size: 3/8″Chain Lubrication: Automatic pump with adjusterChain Oil Required: Yes, not includedHandles: Anti-vibrationGrass Weight: 7kgDimensions (HxWxL) : 280mm x 260mm x 889mmIncluded Accessories: Extra chain, Mixing bottle, Tool kit, Carry bag and Bar coverDomestic Warranty: 3 years. (Registered within 30 days of purchase at Applies to products bought after 1st May 2017 only. Products registered after 30 days will be subject to a 12 month warranty. Please refer to the Hyundai Power Equipment website for full terms and conditions.Commercial Warranty: 12 months

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