Wild Life World Red Squirrel Nest Box

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The Red Squirrel Nest box is a handmade wooden nesting box for red squirrels which may also be occupied by grey squirrels. In the UK, red squirrels have declined massively in recent decades as a result of the loss of suitable coniferous woodland habitats and also the introduction of the American grey squirrel which out-competes the red squirrel for food. This nest box has a host of features which ensure that the occupants are safe from predators such as pine martens. Deep nest box. Two entrance/exit holes – one on the front centre and one on the side. Internal and external ladder features to enable to young to climb the slippery sides of the box. Perching ledge that needs to fitted on the box on receipt. Pitched roof which sheds rain away from nest box Removal front panel to allow box cleaning Slow-seasoned untreated timber is used to negate the need to use any chemicals preservatives which may deter sensitive mammals from using the nest box The red squirrel box should be sited high in mature woodland between 3m and 4m using the back plate mount. Face the box away from both direct sunlight and the prevailing weather. The box may be filled to half full with very dry nesting material such as leaves, straw or hay. Breeding red squirrels are protected under the Wildlife & Countryside Act, so an occupied nest box may only be inspected by a licensed worker. Specifications Dimensions: H:54.5 x W:24.5 x D:29.0 cm Colour: Brown Guarantee: 12 Months Material: Wood Model Number: RSB

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