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There is no flower more famous for its fragrance than the rose. The delicate rose scent evokes associations with love and romance and has a relaxing effect. So, if you want to relax, put fragrant roses near spots where you often sit down.


Most roses have a sweet fragrance, but there are some that have a spicy or even fresh fruity scent. Aromatic oils from the glands of rose petals are responsible for that scent. This is why double-flowered roses often emit the most intense fragrance. Geraniol and citronellol are two compounds that contribute to the delicate rose scent, but there are many other components as well. Those that predominate are the ones that define the fragrance. This fragrance varies for each variety, so be sure to stick your nose into a rose before you buy it. You could also visit a rose garden and experience for yourself which roses you like best.

Extra dimension

Whereas most wild rose flowers have five petals, cultivated rose varieties have more. Some rose flowers even have more than 100 petals! When selecting new garden roses, breeders consider fragrance an important trait, in addition to flowering richness and health. It is always nice to be surrounded by fragrant roses. With their beautiful flowers, they bring a lot of happiness. Fragrant roses in your garden or on your balcony will stimulate your senses and add an extra dimension to your outdoor area!

Did you know that…

  • Roses contain the most fragrance early in the morning? That is why roses for the perfume industry are picked early in the morning.
  • Rose flowers smell stronger on warm days? More fragrance is released when it is warm. Just try it!
  • Fragrance is another weapon in the armoury of roses to attract pollinators?
  • The leaves of some roses are fragrant? For example, the leaves of Rosa rubiginosa (sweetbriar rose) smell like apple when you rub them

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