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Calibrachoa MiniFamous® Double PinkTastic is the people’s choice. A PINK-TASTIC PHENOMENON The new Calibrachoa mini petunia ‘PinkTastic’ is set to take pride of place in window boxes, containers and hanging baskets all over the UK this summer, bringing balconies, gardens, terraces and patios to life with its unique, three-dimensional appearance. Not only has the prize-winning[…]

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Along with the dream of the instant, fully-fledged garden is the wish for a garden that is largely maintenance-free. It can be satisfying to have a bed that can largely be left to its own devices, except for weeding, and to just see what happens. Here is a suggestion for a planting that has well-behaved[…]

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  These are plants that are widely available and require very little in the way of maintenance. They should all be a reliable presence in your garden for many years and serve as good foundation plants while your taste and garden style evolve. Considered in terms of one’s wardrobe they generally represent everyday wear rather[…]

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