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Our modern, energy efficient buildings such as our homes and offices can often have little air flow.  Because of this, toxins such as formaldehyde and benzenes can build up in the air caused by our furnishings, ovens, carpets and cleaning materials.  Some houseplants, as well as adding beauty to our surroundings, help to remove the toxins and reduce carbon dioxide.  This in turn is said to reduce fatigue and stress, aid memory and concentration and help improve productivity and mood.  But which of the many house and office plants available are best at achieving this? Below I have recommended a few.

Anthurium pink champion (‘Antinkeles’) (PBR)

This plant is pictured at the top of the article. Waxy pink flowers with a prominent ‘tail’ appear off and on throughout the year on this pretty houseplant. Flamingo flowers are relatively easy to look after and even when not in bloom, the glossy green leaves still look great.

Maranta leuconeura

The tropical-looking foliage of this eye-catching house plant has a row of distinctive dark brownish splotches on the upper surface, which run down the length of the leaf on either side of the midrib. These splotches are at their darkest when the leaf is young, but then the colour starts to change, becoming greener and paler as the leaf ages. Also, at night, the leaves will often fold up on themselves (hence the common name of prayer plant), but open up again each morning.

Fatsia japonica

Often grown as a garden plant, but also suitable for growing indoors in a cool, well ventilated room, where the foliage will add a tropical feel to its surroundings. Also, as the plant will get quite large over time, it will make a statement in a bright office.

Spathiphyllum ‘Bellini’

The ‘peace lily’ is a popular, relatively low maintenance houseplant. It’s sought after for its glossy foliage, and long-lasting arum-like flowers, which appear in spring – then usually again in autumn.

Sansevieria zeylanica

This must be one of the easiest houseplants to grow being tough and near indestructable, yet it is still stylish, simple and loved by interior designers. Clump forming with strong, broad, sword-like grey-green leaves which are crossbanded with a darker green creates the perfect plant for a modern home, and our busy lifestyles.

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Mark Snelling

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