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Dahlias, planted from tubers or cuttings in spring, are prized for their continuous blooms well into late summer and autumn.  Those of you who live in Southern areas of the U.K may wish to risk leaving your Dahlia tubers planted in the ground throughout the winter and simply put a thick mulch over the soil around them to protect them from the winter cold.  This will often be successful if the winter is not too harsh.

However, those of you who live in regions of the U.K that are further north will experience colder temperatures in winter which drop too low for Dahlia tubers to survive. Therefore they must be lifted and stored through the winter as described below.


  1. In autumn when the leaves and stems of the Dahlias have been blackened by the first frosts, dig around the Dahlia plants, giving the tubers a wide berth so as to cause as little damage as possible to them.
  2. Shake off any soil surrounding the tubers as well as possible.
  3. Use secateurs to cut down the stems of the Dahlias to within six inches of the tubers.
  4. Use a hose or tap to rinse the tubers removing any stubborn soil.
  5. Stand the tubers upside down to allow them to dry.
  6. Place the tubers in a tray or pot, deep enough to allow you to cover them with dry compost.
  7. Place them in a frost free place throughout the winter, such as a shed or greenhouse.

Dahlias can then be planted out again in spring after the last frosts are over.

Mark Snelling

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