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Campanula is an easy-going plant that flowers profusely with cheerful bell flowers. It’s a must-have for your garden! Here is another advantage: Campanula is a perennial, so you will be able to enjoy a sea of flowers year after year.

Campanula lactiflora Loddon Anna

Blue flowers

If you love having blue flowers in your garden, Campanula is the perfect plant for you. This perennial comes in gorgeous shades of blue: from light blue and soft lilac to an intense blue-purple. There are also beautiful white and soft-pink varieties. Choose your favourite colour, or combine different colours for a fresh, summery style.

Campanula Adansa Blue

From ground cover to tall upright plant

Campanula can be used in different areas in your garden. Tall varieties will look great in your border. Low-growing (creeping) varieties, such as blue Campanula poscharskyana, are suitable as ground cover. You could plant these at the front of the border and around trees, for example. You can also grow them in pots or to cover a wall. The latter produces a delightful effect: when the plant starts to bloom, a blue sea of flowers will cascade over the edge.


Campanula glomerata Caroline

Flowers for bees

Campanula is also known as bellflower. The name refers to the flower shape. The flower size varies considerably: from small dainty bells to large sturdy ones. Bees and bumblebees absolutely love these bellflowers. A real feast for the eyes!

Campanula punctata

Tips & facts!

  • Campanula likes a sunny spot, but partial shade is also an option. The more sun, the more flowers!
  • If you have planted the bell flowers in pots, make sure to water them regularly.
  • You can also pick some flowers to put in a vase in the summertime. Combine Campanula with other summer picking flowers, such as yarrow (Achillea) and purple coneflower (Echinacea).

Campanula punctata Purple Sensation

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