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There are many online businesses selling seeds, but every now and then you get one that comes up with something innovative, new and special, and Stocks and Green are one such business. For some years the online retailers have been putting together collections of bulbs that will flower at the same time and will look beautiful together to give a gorgeous display in the garden or to form a delightful combination in the vase.  Stocks and green have carried on this concept by putting together collections of flower seeds whose blooms will form the perfect bouquet for the home.

Stocks and Green have hand-picked selections of seeds to produce flowers that form the perfect blend of cut flowers.  These combinations have been tried and tested in their own garden to guarantee the best display for the home florist.

Ease of germination is ensured by packing the seeds carefully in small foil wrappers where required to provide the freshest seeds.

Stocks and Green have curated interesting, beautiful and colour coordinated collections of flowers, some well known as well as the unusual to provide the perfect bouquet that you needn’t tell your friends you haven’t put together yourselves!

They have sourced the best seeds both from U.K growers and international seed companies in order to ship you seeds in the best possible condition that will not be too tricky for the amatuer gardener to grow.

I hope some of you will get great satisfaction from trialling some of these wonderful collections in your own gardens. These selections would also make the perfect gift for the modern gardener.

To view Grow the Bouquet collections at Stocks and Green click here

Mark Snelling

All images copyright Stocks and Green

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