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For many years, Non-stop Begonias have been revered for their continuous blooms throughout summer and into autumn, for their heat tolerance and also their suitability for a cooler, shadier spot. There have been few introductions to beat their outstanding performance.

This new addition to the range is a real joy to behold.  The large blooms not only have a frilly edge, but also a delightful picotee fringe. They retain the excellence of their predecessors in the series in their determination to consistantly bloom no matter what, and their tolerance for all conditions.

The 10cm (4in) blooms will make a fantastic display in our beds and containers and will create neighbour envy with their stunning flowers for month upon month. It’s always lovely to have a plant that none of your fellow gardeners have come across.

Plants reach a height of 20-25cm (8-10in), ideal proportions for our summer containers.  If purchasing smaller plugs, pot them on into small pots in bright, frost free conditions before planting out into their final position when the frosts are over in your neck of the woods.

Water and feed throughout the growing season, but be aware that overwatering can lead to dropping of buds. Deadheading faded blooms will help to encourage continuation of flowering even more than usual.

The tubers that are formed by the end of the summer can be saved in cool dry conditions to be reused in successional seasons.  I can’t recommend this innovative breeding enough, and can’t wait to feature it in my summer displays.

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Mark Snelling

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