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The Buddleia Buzz series are a breakthrough in breeding.  We all know the giant Buddleias that were beautiful but thuggish  in our gardens.  They had to be hacked to the ground every spring to stop them getting out of control, and generously seeded themselves around as you may have seen alongside the tracks if you travel by railway. These plants are the result of seven years of intensive breeding and selection to achieve such amazing results. Below I have listed some of the benefits of the wonderful Buzz series:-

  1.  They are much smaller in height, reaching just over a metre tall, making them far more suitable for our generally smaller gardens.  They are suitable for growing in pots on our decking, patio or balconies or for the front to middle of the border.
  2. They flower right through the summer and into the autumn.
  3. They are sterile so never set seed.  This not only lengthens the flowering period as they keep trying to flower in order to proliiferate, it also means they will not seed themselves around into spots where they are not welcome.
  4. They have a deliciously sweet fragrance.
  5. They have kept the delightful benefit of being attractive to our all important pollinating insects, and in particular our lovely butterflies as proven by the yellow emblem above awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society.
  6. They are tremendously hardy and easy to grow, even for the beginner.

I feel sure many of you would get immense enjoyment in return for the valuable space you might give to this astonishing new breeding.

To view plug plants at YouGarden in each of the above colours click here

To view 9cm potted plants at Yougarden in each of the above colours click here

Mark Snelling

Images copyright YouGarden

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