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There has been huge innovation in the breeding of Buddleias in recent years, especially in breeding shorter varieties for our often smaller plots.  The Buddleia davidii ‘Butterfly Candy’ Series seems to be amongst the very best of this breeding, and I recommend them for your gardens for the following reasons.

  1. Very much smaller than traditional sprawling varieties making them far more suited to the patio, decking and balcony aswell as the front to middle of a border. They reach an eventual height and spread of 80cm (2ft 7in).
  2. They come in a delightful selection of intense flower colours.
  3. An abundance of spires of blooms from July to September when other plants in the garden are often past their best.
  4. The perfect magnet for our all important pollinators such as butterflies and bees, a subject often close to the modern gardener’s heart.
  5. A gorgeous fragrance is a massive bonus, therefore you may wish to position your plants near to a door or window where the scent can be enjoyed to the full.
  6. Fully winter hardy, so no need for protection.
  7. Perfect for a sunny spot.
  8. A shrub that will flower each summer for many years to come.

Varieties available so far are:-

  • Buddleia ‘Butterfly Candy Little Ruby’ – Bright and bold ruby-red spires.
  • Buddleia ‘Butterfly Candy Little White’ – Elegant clusters of soft creamy-white flowers.
  • Buddleia ‘Butterfly Candy Little Purple’ – Beautiful spires of lavender-blue blooms.

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Mark Snelling

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