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The Dahlia Maggiore collection will provide a stunning, summer-long display in our gardens with their exotic looking blooms.  Below are some of the reasons I think they should be grown by us all:-

  1. With a height of 60cm (2’) and a  spread of 30cm (12″), these magnificent plants are suited both to our borders and to be grown in patio containers.
  2. The vibrant, tropical looking blooms provide a gorgeous, hot colour-theme.
  3. Bred for a repeated profusion of summer blooms, they really work hard to earn their place in our garden displays.
  4. Provide a season-long supply of cut flowers for the  home.
  5. Easy to grow.  Just water, feed and remove the spent blooms.

Dahlia Maggiore Collection comprises one each of:

  • Dahlia ‘LaBella Maggiore Deep Rose’ – Brilliant cerise pink flowers burst from tight, rounded buds.
  • Dahlia ‘LaBella Maggiore  Fun Fire’ – The two-tone colours are shown off to perfection against dark green foliage.
  • Dahlia ‘LaBella Maggiore  Fun Pastel’ – The pale pink & white two-tone colours are shown off to perfection against dark green foliage.
  • Dahlia ‘LaBella Maggiore Purple’ – Rich, purple-red blooms make a dramatic display.
  • Dahlia ‘LaBella Maggiore Fun Rose Bicolour’ – A pretty pink and white bicolour with a profusion of flowers.
  • Dahlia ‘LaBelle Maggiore Fun Chocolate Yellow’ – Bright lemon-yellow blooms bring a citrus twist to borders and containers.

I thoroughly recommend these beautiful plants to continue to provide colour in our summer gardens when many other flowers have long faded.

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Mark Snelling

Images copyright Thompson & Morgan

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