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As soon as I saw this magnificent plant I was blown away by the colour of the opulent blooms and knew I had to write about it.  Below are some of the features and benefits of this delightful, easy to grow border Carnation:-

  1. Stunning plum purple, double blooms with a depth of colour I have seldom witnessed.
  2. Repeat flowering from June to September
  3. A delicious clove scent like old fashioned Carnations used to possess.
  4. Makes a gorgeous cut flower for the home.
  5. A short, compact habit with a height of 30cm (12″) and a spread of 40cm (16″).
  6. Ideal for the front of the border and also in patio containers.
  7. Evergreen with attractive grey-green foliage.
  8. A hardy plant that will not require any winter protection.
  9. Drought tolerant once established.
  10. Perennial, so will delight year after year.

I really can’t recommend this beautiful plant any more highly. Surely it will become a star of our gardens in the future.

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Mark Snelling

Image copyright Thompson & Morgan

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