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Normally when we think about Clematis we imagine a climbing plant.  Clematis New Love however is a herbaceous Clematis with a bush habit. This makes a delightful addition to the herbaceous border or cottage style garden.  Below I list some of it’s features and benefits:-

  1. Stunning Indigo blooms of a most unusual shape with reflexed petals are borne in clusters.
  2. Very free-flowering throughout the summer.
  3. Deliciously, deeply fragranced flowers,
  4. Perennial, so will provide beauty in the garden year after year.
  5. It’s bushy habit means it is self supporting
  6. A hardy plant for sun or semi-shade
  7. Perfect for the herbaceous border, grown in amongst tall perennials
  8. Height: 90cm (35″). Spread: 50cm (20″).


The royal blue blooms are quite a rare colour to find in the garden, and the bushy habit of this Clematis will surely make it a talking point for all visitors.

To view Clematis New Love at  Thompson & Morgan click here

Mark Snelling

All images copyright Thompson & Morgan

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