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Just take a look at the superb blooms on this wonderful new Begonia.  Many of you will be familiar with the trailing Begonia Apricot Shades, which are one of Britain’s best selling container plants.  This is a more upright form with the most spectacular flowers in a flame-like colour, each with the most stunning picotee edge.

These fiery blooms are equally at home in shade as they are in sun, so are perfect for that difficult spot where other bedding and container plants fail to prosper.

The healthy blooms are no shrinking violets.  Their large size will be visible from a distance as well as being beautiful at closer range.

These delightful plants will thrive in both containers, or dotted throughout a border.  Their upright habit makes them ideal as a centrepiece.

Begonia ‘On Top Sun Glow’ will not disappoint with it’s flower power either. With a little deadheading the blooms will keep coming and coming from May to the first frosts.

These low maintenance plants have another useful attribute in that they are tolerant of rain if we have a wet summer.  Some flowers will shatter at the first sign of a wet day.  Not so with this variety.

As a tender plant, the young plants will need to be protected from frost by potting on on a windowsill or greenhouse, but after the last frosts have finished in your area they will thrive in the garden with little more than water and a bit of liquid feed.

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Mark Snelling

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