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Plantaholic’s Choice – Six reasons to grow the magnificent Roselilies

Lilies are a long standing favourite in our summer gardens, but what is so special about the Roselilies? Well there are some important advantages that I attempt to list below:-

  1. Stunning, double blooms which unfurl like roses.
  2.  A light and pleasant perfume which is not overpowering like the spicy scent of  some traditional Oriental hybrids.
  3. No pollen is produced.  This can be a great benefit for allergy sufferers and pet owners.  It also helps to avoid staining on clothes.
  4. A long season of interest.  These flowers really earn their place in the garden with blooms from July until September.
  5. Short enough for patio containers with a height of around 80cm, yet tall enough for the cutting garden.
  6. Easy to grow with everything you need contained in the bulb and little graft to achieve gorgeous results.

The varieties available include:-

Isabella with it’s two tone blooms, as pictured at the top of the article.

Carolina with its pure, snow white flowers as shown below.

Thalita which boasts delightful deep pink blooms as shown above.

To view this exciting breeding at Suttons click here

Mark Snelling

All images copyright Suttons

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