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This gorgeous new Strawberry variety is not for those with a smaller appetite! It was originally bred for one of the high-end supermarkets, but, luckily for us, it has been released to be grown by the general public.

Strawberry Sweet Colossus produces the largest berries I have ever come accross, with many of them reaching a weight of 40g or more! It is sometimes thought that the larger berries can be lacking in taste, but not so in this case. They are positively bursting with juice and flavour.

The berries are borne in June in profusion, so there will be no shortage.  It is often the case that they get eaten on the way back between the garden and the kitchen as they are so delicious.

The plants can be grown in rows in the vegetable patch or allotment, or in containers.  Do not plant strawberries too deep as this can lead to rotting.  Afford the plants some protection from the birds by netting them.  This will ensure that it is you who benefits from the crop rather than the wildlife.  A mulch of dry straw around the plants will help prevent splashes of soil damaging the fruit.

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Mark Snelling

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