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With our increasingly small gardens some of us are running out of space for more plants, no matter how much we love them.  Our beds and borders are often bursting at the seams and all available ground space is taken up by containers. So where can we plant now? The wonderwall vertical planting kit may just hold the answer. It will also help us to cover unsightly walls or fences or unused space such as the sides of sheds, garages and other garden buildings.

This kit can help us to create a living wall full of beautiful plants.  You may have seen these on the television, covering entire buildings.  But this kit enables us to recreate these in our own gardens at a tiny fraction of the investment.

The kit, as pictured at the top of the article comes complete with timber battens which you screw to a fence, wall or building. The planters should then be stacked from the bottom up and every third layer should be screwed  to the batten. Each compartment can then be filled with compost and planted up, or you can just drop in plants in 11-13cm pots.

Watering is made easier by the self-watering feature in each planter.  Each layer drains into the one below, but retains enough for it’s own reservoir. Depending on weather conditions and the type of plant, the reservoir can keep plants watered for up to two weeks. The water filters provided in the kit keep outlets clear of leaves and solid debris. Four stackable interlocking planters are supplied in the starter kit, along with all the fixings needed and the water filters. Full instructions are also provided.

Each planter – W48cm x D16cm x H18cm

So that is the vertical planting system sorted out, but now the question is what to plant in it. The options are almost endless. Below I have given a few suggestions.

Seasonal Flowering Plants

Begonia, Impatiens, Osteospermum, Argyranthemum, Marigold, Alyssum, Lobelia, Pelargonium, Fuchsia, Petunia, Primrose, Polyanthus, Pansy and Viola, Cyclamen, Miniature Narcissi, Dwarf Tulip, Snowdrop, Campanula, Geum, Nasturtium, Saxifraga, Succulents etc.

Foliage Plants

Ivies, Ferns, dwarf grasses, Heuchera, Pachysandra, Tiarella, Vinca, Liriope, small Euonymous etc

Fruit and veg

Smaller herbs such as Thyme, Parsley, Chives Coriander etc, Salad leaves, Dwarf tomato, Strawberry, Chilli Pepper etc.

Of course you can discover your own options for planting, which may depend upon light conditions, climate and season.

To view the Wonderwall vertical planting starter kit at Waitrose Garden click here

Mark Snelling

Images copyright Waitrose Garden

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