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In our shop we sell various irrigation kits, both to attach to mains water and to your water butts. But what are the benefits that make it worth the investment in these kits? Here I want to explain.

  1. Escape the drudgery of constant watering throughout the summer months.  You can simply turn on the tap or even set a watering timer to take care of the daily grind. This is particularly helpful for the busy, working gardener.
  2. Use of irrigation can save a considerable amount of water and therefore money when compared to traditional watering methods. This is due to less water lost to evaporation or wind.
  3. The systems often get more water to the roots and less water on the foliage, helping to avoid fungal diseases on the plants such as powdery mildew that can occur on damp foliage.
  4. Getting the water straight to the roots can also prove helpful to plant health in other ways, including avoiding stress to the plant through lack of water.
  5. Often plants will have an increased growth rate.
  6. Less soil erosion.
  7. Less water to the surrounding area and more to the plant’s roots also helps prevent weed growth.
  8. Many irrigation kits allow for watering of hanging baskets and window boxes that may be difficult to reach with a hose or watering can.
  9. Many kits have adjustable drippers to tailor watering to specific plant types.
  10. Watering timers are available and sometimes included, enabling you to increase or decrease watering according to the season and weather conditons.

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Mark Snelling

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