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Fruit and veg gardening


The pomegranate, more correctly known by its Latin name Punica Granatum, is a multi-stemmed tree with shiny foliage and tubular shaped flowers. It has the advantage to the gardener of being self-fertile so only one need be grown to achieve a crop.  The tree bears beautiful orange flowers from June to September and, at the[…]

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  Chitting potatoes is one of the year’s easiest jobs. It simply involves encouraging your seed potatoes to send out sprouts (chits).   Seed potatoes can be purchased from January onwards, if not before.  Always buy certified virus-free tubers.  It is unwise to use tubers you have saved from a previous crop as these can[…]

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There are jobs to be done in the garden even in the depths of winter.  However, on the dullest, darkest and frostiest days, even the hardiest horticulturist finds it preferable to stay indoors with their hands wrapped around a warm cup of tea.  On these days there is much that can be achieved from the[…]

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