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Many of us, and perhaps especially children, are attracted by these exotic plants. They are often extremely cheap to buy. Many are miniature with a self-composed air and the charm of small ornaments; though they can shed alarming amounts of gravel on the carpets!  Having bought the first plant, or received it as a gift,[…]

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The summer-flowering clematis that belong to the viticella group are the easiest, possibly even the most-satisfying of them all. If you have never grown clematis before, or have had some disappointments with them, the Viticellas are the perfect solution. They flower from late June or July, sometimes going into autumn. They are vigorous climbing plants[…]

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  In what will hopefully be a hot dry summer, the chore of watering the garden becomes significant. This is the time when ‘drought resistant’ plants are recommended as the ideal labour-free solution. However, come the long wet winter some of these plants just look miserable while others may die. The trick is to find plants[…]

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