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Learn the latest world class planting design techniques, from internationally famous planting design genius Piet Oudolf

Social Online Learning company, Learning with Experts, has launched a new online course by internationally famous Dutch garden designer Piet Oudolf. The garden design course is based on the Vlinderhof Garden design and planting plan. Vlinderhof is generally considered to be one of the most beautiful community gardens in the world. Vlinderhof (which means Butterfly Garden in Dutch) is designed in the New Perennial style (of Dutch Wave). Clouds of Perennials are combined with grasses and there is this almost natural play of heights, textures and colours, giving the extraordinary painterly feel of impressionist art. ” It’s one of the greatest examples of Piet’s planting techniques, that gardeners and designers the world over, still continue to try and emulate “. The course includes exclusive access to Piet Oudolf’s design principles and plans, and offers personal feedback on students’ designs from his expert horticultural collaborator Dr Noel Kingsbury.

The new course forms part of a Piet Oudolf Gardens collection of three courses which includes courses on Piet’s family garden at Hummelo and his perennial planting on the New York High Line. Unusually, students will also have exclusive and rare access to Piet’s Vlinderhof Garden plan and much sought after planting list as part of the course materials.

Elspeth Briscoe CEO of Learning with Experts said: “We’re delighted to be able to give gardening enthusiasts and professionals, such rare access to Piet and Noel’s teaching and garden design knowledge from three very different gardens around the world. Piet is usually based in Holland and the US, and Noel in Portugal and the UK. Our online classrooms give you access to these nomadic gardening masters wherever you are in the world. Unlike most online learning, Learning with Experts combines broadcast quality videos (including birds eye view footage of planting designs), with an interactive learning experience and real feedback on your own designs from your experts.”

Briscoe continued: “We’re really looking forward to seeing students using Piet’s planting plans and creating Oudolf-inspired designs for their own gardens. We expect this to appeal to the design community as well as amateur gardening enthusiasts”

Marc Kikkert – founder of Vlinderhof Garden said: “People can use this course to make their Piet Oudolf garden design dreams come true. This is a truly unique opportunity”

Dr Noel Kingsbury added: “I hope my teachings with Piet and Learning with Experts will inspire people to think differently about landscaping. I think that education is so important, and the Learning with Experts’ site enables people all over the world to have access to Piet and his philosophies in way that no other online learning does.”

Learning with Experts provides the chance to learn at the hands of experts within their field, without having to leave the house. Intimately sized classes of 20 ensure that learners receive individual attention and support, as well as offering a community focus, so that peers interact and share creations with one other. The course completion rate at Learning with Experts is over 80%, compared to an average completion rate of online courses of just 20%.

To view this and other courses from Learning with Experts visit our courses page

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