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Saving the bee population is a subject close to my and most gardener’s hearts. 35 species of the UK bees currently face extinction.  Our gardens and the way we garden are a vital step towards turning around the fortunes of the bees.  But, that said, it would be difficult for us gardeners to achieve this goal single handedly.

Without bees, much of our other wildlife will go into decline such as hoverflies, and small birds and mammals that rely on the bees.  Many of these forms of UK wildlife already face extinction and can only be saved if we save the bees.

75% of the crops we grow in the UK rely on being pollinated naturally, and the price of these healthy crops will soar and become unaffordable to many without our essential pollinators.

The Soil Association say:-

“We’re helping to reverse this at Woodoaks – a farm donated to our charity – by planting trees and allowing wild plants to flourish. This provides the food bees need and creates habitats for wildlife.

On average, for every 10% increase in bee-friendly habitats, we see bee and wildlife numbers increase by a third!”

The Soil Association also lobby the government to keep up the ban on the pesticides that slaughter huge numbers of bees when used by our farmers, and help farmers to find ways of growing our important crops without using these pesticides. We must all work together achieve these objectives.

The Soil Associaton say:-

“We understand that many of the problems society and nature face are connected. We work on multiple fronts to transform the way we eat, farm and care for our world”.

And so I urge as many of my readers as possible to work with the Soil Association by becoming a member.  In return you will receive:-

  1. A monthly newsletter updating you on how your support is helping and the campaigns you’ve made happen
  2. Your member’s magazine
  3. Exclusive offers from organic retailers

You can support the Soil Association in their endeavours by donating as little as £5 a month

To find out more click here

Mark Snelling

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