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The future of the planet and it’s inhabitants rests upon us planting more trees, both to support wildlife and in the crucial endeavour of fighting climate change.

Did you realise that one in ten species of wildlife currently face extinction.  Each new tree planted creates homes for over 130 species of wildlife. Unless we continue to stop the disappearance of woodland and hedgerow there is a very real threat to biodiversity, and the vanishing of some of our most beloved wildlife is extremely likely.

The extreme weather that the world is experiencing will only get worse and worse without the planting of more trees. Trees  absorb the carbon from the atmosphere, safely storing it deep in the soil. The U.K’s target for carbon net-zero is something we can all contribute to, not least by the planting of more trees.

Extreme weather has also caused an increase in flash flooding. These floods can wash away soil which may have taken hundreds, if not thousands of years to form.  We can make a barrier around fields to prevent this soil erosion by planting the correct species of trees.  Drier times can also mean that soil is blown away.  Tree planting will help avoid this too.

Whilst gardeners can help by tree planting in their own gardens, our increasingly small plots mean only a small selection of trees are suitable for planting.  Working with the Soil Association, a charity planting trees for a better future, we can all help to improve the increasingly desperate situation by planting the most effective varieties in the best situations.

I would therefore encourage all who can spare a small monthly donation to the Soil Association to help them with this exraordinary plight and to help ensure the future of the planet.

The Soil Association say:-

“We’re a charity planting trees for a better future.  At the Soil Association we understand that many of the problems society and nature face are connected. So we work on multiple fronts to transform the way we eat, farm and care for our world.  Planting trees is just one of the ways we’re doing this, but as a charity we need your help to continue.”

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Mark Snelling

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