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My favourite roses are always those that have the romantic blooms of the old-fashioned roses of yesteryear.  The original varieties however often do not posess the repeat flowering properties of the modern roses, or their disease resistance.  Thankfully new breeding ensures we can have these gorgeous blooms with the garden performance we need from our roses.  Below I have chosen four delightful, modern roses that have the nostalgic, cottage garden blooms I dream of:-

Rose ‘Ebb Tide'(pictured at top of article)

Thompson & Morgan say:-

A modern rose with antique English blooms. The seductive plum-purple flowers exude a heady fragrance that will rival your favourite perfume! Shorter than traditional floribunda types, Rose ‘Ebb Tide’ makes a lovely specimen shrub for patio pots as well as mixed borders. Disease resistant plants are free branching, going on to produce a succession of fruity flowers through the summer. Height and spread: 75cm (30″).

To view Rose Ebb Tide at Thompson & Morgan click here

Rose ‘Joie de Vivre’

Thompson & Morgan say:-

Feminine ruffles of pink and peach petals make this beautiful floribunda rose a real eye-catcher! Rose ‘Joie de Vivre’ blooms repeatedly throughout the summer, releasing deliciously sweet perfume. This elegant rose lends a romantic feel to borders and patio pots. With its gentle vintage colours and delightful perfume, it has a timeless quality that few roses can match. A wonderful choice for sunny borders and cut flower gardens. Height: 90cm (36″). Spread: 60cm (24″).

To view Rose Joie de Vivre at Thompson & Morgan click here

Rose ‘Mum in a Million’

Thompson & Morgan say:-

This hybrid tea is elegant and feminine with a heavenly perfume. This free-flowering hybrid tea variety has an upright habit that works well in borders or patio containers. The flowers are particularly good for cutting and adding to fragrant summer bouquets. Height: 100cm (39″). Spread: 60cm (24″).  Looking for that special Mothers’ Day gift? Rose ‘Mum in a Million’ says it all!

To view Rose Mum in a Million at Thompson & Morgan click here

Rose ‘Leah Tutu’

Thompson & Morgan say:-

An exquisite dark gold rose with layer upon layer of frilled petals. This modern shrub variety has all the look of a heritage variety, oozing old-fashioned charm and that nostalgic cottage garden feel. The blooms have a pleasing fragrance and make beautiful cut flowers for a vase indoors. Dark, glossy foliage cloaks the upright stems of this magnificent shrub rose. A fine addition to sunny borders, and a stand-out variety in the rose bed! Height: 120cm (48″). Spread: 90cm (36″).

To view Rose Leah Tutu at Thompson & Morgan click here

Mark Snelling

All images copyright Thompson & Morgan

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