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It may seem slightly odd to be singing the praises of an autumn planting bulb at this time of year when they will not be delivered until the autumn and should not be planted until the colder weather arrives.  However, the reasons for doing so are to ensure you think about planting these amazing bulbs at the time, or soon after, such bulbs have been in flower in your garden and you know where the gaps are in your planting displays.  It also ensures that you reserve the cream of the crop now before all the other orders are placed later in the year.  By ordering now you can ensure you receive the top size, top quality bulbs to ensure the best display in your gardens. Many consumers are catching on to placing these early orders, so don’t be left out.

All alliums make stunning, perennial additions to the garden, filling an empty void between the blooms of the tulips and the summer flowering plants. But the brand new Allium Lucky Balloons have some superior features seldom observed in earlier breeding, as follows:-

  1. Unlike many alliums that just produce one single bloom, Allium Lucky Balloons produces two to four stems of blooms per bulb!
  2. Each spectacular bloom is an absolute giant.
  3. The flowers are a magnet for bees and butterflies, a vital objective of the modern garden.
  4. The blooms make a stunning, contemporary addition to floral arrangements in the vase.
  5. They are extremely easy to grow, requiring little effort to produce exemplary displays.
  6. Suitable both for borders and containers, with a height of 60-80cm (2-3ft).
  7. Glossy green foliage which set of the flowers beautifully.

I really think this allium is one that will become a stalwart for the future with its high performance characteristics.  Click the link below to get your early orders in for delivery in the autumn.

For your chance to buy Allium Lucky Balloons at Dutch Grown click here

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