The pomegranate, more correctly known by its Latin name Punica Granatum, is a multi-stemmed tree with shiny foliage and tubular shaped flowers. It has the advantage to the gardener of being self-fertile so only one need be grown to achieve a crop.  The tree bears beautiful orange flowers from June to September and, at the[…]

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The summer-flowering clematis that belong to the viticella group are the easiest, possibly even the most-satisfying of them all. If you have never grown clematis before, or have had some disappointments with them, the Viticellas are the perfect solution. They flower from late June or July, sometimes going into autumn. They are vigorous climbing plants[…]

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  The practice of removing spent  blooms, fruits and seed heads is known as deadheading.  This should be carried out as soon as they become unsightly.  Some plants with thick stems will require scissors or secateurs to remove the dead flowers. Other flowers may simply be removed with finger and thumb.  But why is this necessary?  Below[…]

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