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I have written in my previous article on tulip mixes about my great admiration for writer and broadcaster Sarah Raven and the way she mixes colours.  I may have neglected to mention that I also admire her aptitude as a plantswoman and her ability to offer from her mail order website a mouth watering array of[…]

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The summer-flowering clematis that belong to the viticella group are the easiest, possibly even the most-satisfying of them all. If you have never grown clematis before, or have had some disappointments with them, the Viticellas are the perfect solution. They flower from late June or July, sometimes going into autumn. They are vigorous climbing plants[…]

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  The practice of removing spent  blooms, fruits and seed heads is known as deadheading.  This should be carried out as soon as they become unsightly.  Some plants with thick stems will require scissors or secateurs to remove the dead flowers. Other flowers may simply be removed with finger and thumb.  But why is this necessary?  Below[…]

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  Many of us use Violas as an annual in our winter and summer containers and baskets.  They are however strictly a short lived hardy perennial.  They are suitable for rockeries (hence they are often sold from  the alpine section of the nursery), containers, gravel gardens and border and path edges.  They prefer moist but[…]

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  In what will hopefully be a hot dry summer, the chore of watering the garden becomes significant. This is the time when ‘drought resistant’ plants are recommended as the ideal labour-free solution. However, come the long wet winter some of these plants just look miserable while others may die. The trick is to find plants[…]

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