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Plants with attractive variegated foliage; plants with leaves that are coloured in shades of red, yellow, orange and black. These generally excite our interest. We tend to love all those colours that shout at you, colours so bright and tangy you can almost taste them! With all this eye-candy vying for our attention that colour[…]

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Along with the dream of the instant, fully-fledged garden is the wish for a garden that is largely maintenance-free. It can be satisfying to have a bed that can largely be left to its own devices, except for weeding, and to just see what happens. Here is a suggestion for a planting that has well-behaved[…]

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The summer-flowering clematis that belong to the viticella group are the easiest, possibly even the most-satisfying of them all. If you have never grown clematis before, or have had some disappointments with them, the Viticellas are the perfect solution. They flower from late June or July, sometimes going into autumn. They are vigorous climbing plants[…]

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