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  There are varieties of Cyclamen such as Cyclamen Coum and Cyclamen Neapolitanum which are fully hardy in the garden. These are very beautiful in there own way but not as showy as their less hardy relatives.  The plants we cover here are Cyclamen Persicum and its many hybrids which are available from September through[…]

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  The majestic flowers of Hyacinths can fill an entire room with their glorious scent.  This is even more desirable when these bulbs can be made to flower during our Christmas festivities or just brightening the gloomiest winter day with the promise of spring to come. To force Hyacinths it is essential to buy bulbs[…]

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  Poinsettias – all you need to know Poinsettias are the traditional houseplants that adorn our Christmas floral displays. They are more properly called Euphorbia Pulcherrima and are members of the Spurge family. They are indigenous to Mexico and Central America in the deciduous tropical forests. The common English name Poinsettia is derived from the[…]

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